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  1. My house has been smelling of rotten eggs recently! My kids keep moaning at me!  I have been exploring texture and shade in my jewellery pieces by adding embellishments to silver sheet or hammering it with different implements and I have found the best way to show off these textures is by oxidising.  Normally I'm a lover of bright and shiny silver but for some reason I'm being drawn to the dark side!

    Sterling Silver Embellished Flower Triangle Earrings


    Sterling Silver Little Leaves Earrings
  2. It's been a while but I thought it was time for a giveaway and you could win your favourite from my Embellished Disc Drop Earrings.  The giveaway is on my Facebook page and please read the terms and conditions below.
    disc drop giveaway 4
    Amethyst (brushed finish), Carnelian (oxidised finish) or Citrine (shiny finish)
    Giveaway terms and conditions:
    • Please ‘Like’ my Facebook page (or be an existing ‘liker’)
    • Please comment below the Facebook post about my giveaway and tell me which is your favourite pair of Embellished Disc Drop Earrings (‘share’ with your friends if you would be kind to but this is NOT part of the terms of this giveaway.
    • This giveaway is open to all my Facebook ‘likers’ – worldwide
    • I will put all entrants’ names into a hat and draw one winner at 8pm (GMT) on 31st October 2013 – check back to my Facebook page then to see if you have been lucky to win your favourite